Big data, the holy grail for the energy grid

Theft, grid disturbances, fluctuating loads, errors, maintenance, and even war are things that affect the energy grid. The very electric veins of our modern society that gives us enable us to do everything from reading in the dark to colliding electrons. The future is big data to catapult the energy market into the green transition and the H2020 project BD4OPEM has rallied to the cause. Join our webinar to hear about our strategy and how to sign up for our upcoming beta!

The H2020 project BD4OPEM aims to catapult the green transition for the energy market by building a marketplace for data- and service providers to share and get access to big data through a secure data lake to innovate using big data.  

This will have an immense impact on distribution system operators, balancing responsible parties, aggregators, energy communities, PV entrepreneurs, and other actors in the energy market. They will be able to securely share data with service providers so that they can deliver new innovative solutions and enhance the way we use data for managing the energy grid. 

This ambitious project is not only building a marketplace but also 18 innovative technologies for forecasting, balancing, and grid assessments to test and much more to validate the marketplace and deliver high-value innovations to DSOs and more. 

During the BD4OPEM Day, you will hear more about the project, pitches of innovative technologies, and the marketplace.  



09:30 – 09:45
Welcome & Introduction to the Project BD4OPEM (15 min)
Mònica Aragüés Peñalba, Dr. Eng., CITCEA-UPC

09:45 – 10:05
The Impact potential of BD4OPEM (20 min)
Daniel Brandt, Senior project manager, Sustainable Innovation.

10:05 – 10:35
The BD4OPEM Marketplace pitch. (20 min) + Q&A (10 min)
Amit Eytan, Business Developer and R&D Manager, We Plus S.p.A

10:35 – 10:40
BREAK (5 min)

10:40 – 12:20
Pitches of the BD4OPEM Services. (10 min) + Q&A (5 min)
BD4OPEM Service Developers

12:20 – 12:30
The importance for DSOs, closing remarks.
Anton Kos, Elektro Celje, Slovenia


Service in BD4OPEM

Operation and Maintenance

S1.1 Topology


S1.2 Observability


S1.3 Predictive maintenance in electrical power systems


S2.1 Measurement errors detection


S3.1 Griddistrurbancesimulations


S3.2 Impact study PV, EV & new loads

Fraud Detection

S4.1 Inconsistences in energy balance and power-voltage


S4.2 Fraudpatternsdetection

Flexibility and Demand Response

S5.1 FlexibilityForecast


S5.2 Flexibility aggregated services for BRPs


S5.3 Flexibility aggregated services for DSOs


S5.4 EV to Grid

Smart houses, buildings and industries

S6.1 Energy management at household or at community level


S6.2 Demandestimation


S7.1 P2P trading


S8.1 Asset and investment planning


S8.2 Asset estimation optimization for microgrids


S9.1 GridKPIs