BRIDGE is a European Commission initiative which unites Horizon 2020 Smart Grid and Energy Storage Projects to create a structured view of cross-cutting issues which are encountered in the demonstration projects and fosters continuous knowledge sharing amongst projects.

BD4OPEM is collaborating and knowledge sharing with the BRIDGE initiative.

OPEN DEI is an EU-funded project that supports the creation of common data platforms based on a unified architecture and an established standard in different sectors: manufacturing, agriculture, energy and healthcare, which represent key fields for the deployment of the EU strategy for digitalisation.

BD4OPEM is collaborating and knowledge sharing with the OPEN DEI initiative.

Big Data Value Association is an industry-driven not-for-profit organisation with over 230 members all over Europe. It fosters the digital transformation through Data and Artificial Intelligence, advancing areas that include Big data and AI technologies, infrastructures and services; data platforms and data spaces, Industrial AI, and data-driven business (models), standardisation, and skills.

Other EU projects

The Interpreter platform is a modular grid management solution that provides data services based on an integrated grid modeling tool. Improved low voltage grid observability enables advanced monitoring, operation, maintenance, planning, and flexibility services for improved efficiency in the use of resources (saving money and resources) for several stakeholders.

Unlike the current practice of “blind” LV grid operation and planning, the Interpreter platform provides a data lake and grid model. Because a good grid model enables advanced monitoring, operation, maintenance, and planning. 

The Interpreter platform is the result of the Interpreter project (Interoperable tools for efficient management and effective planning of the electricity grid) and is an innovation project funded by the EU program Horizon 2020.

Flexigrid is an innovation project funded by EU´s largest research and innovation program Horizon 2020.

The project will create an enabling architecture for small and medium Distribution System Operators (DSOs)  to unlock flexibility resources. Through a cross sectoral integration and optimizing of resources, especially those existing in the coupling between different energy vectors, as well as demand response using charging schemes of electric vehicles (EVs) or storage, DSOs will be able to meet the forthcoming capacity shortage with flexibility and updating old systems with smart technology.