CITCEA-UPC has the project coordinator role in BD4OPEM H2020. CITCEA-UPC, research and technology transfer center with extensive expertise in Power Systems and Power Electronics, is also the technical coordinator of the project. It participates in the 9 Work Packages. Its main contributions in the project are in WP1 (Project Management and coordination) and WP4 (Big Data Analytics and Business intelligence for Energy Systems), focused on the development of the AI-based algorithms for services targeting at the improved monitoring, operation, planning and maintenance of distribution grids. 


CITCEA-UPC is a research and technology transfer center part of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) specialized in power electronics, power systems and its applications. Since 2001, CITCEA-UPC has been part of the TECNIO network, a stamp awarded by ACCIÓ (Generalitat de Catalunya) to identify the most innovative research and technology transfer centres. In 2009 CITCEA-UPC was officially recognized by AGAUR (Agency for Management of University and Research of Catalonia) as a consolidated research group. CITCEA-UPC is currently developing projects in the following areas:

Smart grids and big data; Smart Grids and Big Data, Energy Economics, Electric Mobility, Energy Storage, Digital Grids

Electrical power conversion and AC/DC grids; Wind Power, Solar energy, Transmission networks, Power electronics dominated power Systems, Microgrids

Power Electronics and Mechatronics; Power Electronics, Automation and industrial Communications, Digital Control