Collaboration with EU H2020 projects – Flexigrid and Interpreter

An open-to-the-public webinar on forecasting tools was organised together with the Horizon 2020 project Flexigrid, following an a more intimate closed-to-the-public technical dialogue session. The webinar focused on how smart grids will let DSOs manage the balance of the power grid through flexibility services, but to know which measures to take, one needs to know what will happen in the future, to be able to purchase the right flexibility at the right time. In the webinar the projects presented and collaborated on their findings regarding congestion forecasting. The target audience was mainly DSOs, DSO associations, and flexibility providers. The webinar was very successful with a high attendance, and as the webinar was recorded, it was later published on YouTube and shared through both projects’ social media channels, available to be viewed by even more people that are interested in the results of our projects. 

In the closed-to-the-public technical dialogue on forecasting tools, researchers and developers from both projects discussed about, among other things, what methodologies, libraries and data had been used in their development of algorithms and services within each of the two projects.

Moreover, another closed-to-the-public technical dialogue was arranged with the Horizon project Interpreter on Non-technical losses where researchers and developers were able to meet and discuss about the way each project is working with this topic in relation to service development. As the interpreter project is about to end in September 2022, the BD4OPEM project was invited to participate in the Interpreter final event that is hosted in Brussels on the 28th of September 2022. BD4OPEM partners are excited to be able to participate in the discussions that are planned and aim to attend with several representatives if possible.