Deliverables and milestones achieved

The work within the BD4OPEM project has been bustling during the spring of 2022 as 11 deliverables have been finalised by the end of June 2022, a long list of key deliverables that provide an overview of the way that the BD4OPEM marketplace and its services are taking. The following deliverables will be finalised, out of which some will be made available to the public on the BD4OPEM Website: (1) D4.2 Grid monitoring and supervision, (2) D4.3 Tools for observability, (3) D4.4 Aggregator Flexibility Calculation, (4) D4.5 EMS for smart houses, buildings and industries, (5), D4.6 Asset and investment planning, (6) D4.7 Previous test/validation to pilot deployment: Laboratory tests in CITCEA-UPC smart grid report, (7) D5.2 Cloud marketplace security strategy, (8) D5.3 Decentralised ID Blockchain and claims wallet for data lake and Marketplace, (9) D5.4 Transparent transactions for energy systems over blockchain, (10) D6.2 Open APIs, data and solution providers integration in marketplace, and (11) D6.4 Marketplace implementation. BD4OPEM is also proud to declare that Milestone 6 – BD4OPEM Services, Cybersecurity and Integration due by the end of June 2022 has been successfully achieved.