To provide a reliable, high quality, cost-effective and environment-friendly electric power supply and related services.



The aim of the project is to gain more value from the available data and thus create new market opportunities for both existing and new solutions. Innovative services and tailored marketing solutions will be integrated into the open innovation concept, which connects secure data flows from data providers to solution providers to promote adaptability to market demands. The company Elektro Celje will, as a partner in the project, carry out large-scale pilot testing.


Elektro Celje, d.d., is the owner of an electricity infrastructure (consisting of 12,774 km of low-voltage networks, over 1,072 km of medium-voltage underground cables, 89 km of 110 kV overhead power lines, 2,531 km of medium-voltage overhead power lines, 19 distribution transformer substations, 16 distribution substations and more than 3,500 transformer substations), which it leases to a public service contractor of the electricity distribution system operator, company SODO. The basic activities of the company are the administration, management and operation of the distribution system as well as the maintenance, construction and renovation of power distribution lines and installations in territory of Savinja Region, Carinthia and Lower Sava Region, comprising 40 municipalities in their entirety and 2 in part. It covers 4,345 km2 or 22% of the area of Slovenia. Dispersed lines and devices represent, in view of their total length, the second longest network among all five distribution companies in Slovenia.