Committed to the future, Aněll invests in its surroundings, because our priorities can be summed up in one: improving the quality of life of our customers.



As pilot leader and end user of the services, Aněll has an essential role in defining specifications and requirements of most of them and leads the one related to asset and investment planning


Aněll was founded in 1996 as a result of legal changes in the electrical sector, but its original electrical activity began in 1910.

Aněll has a network of over 1.500 km supplying more than 56.000 power points, with two substations connected to the transmission network of 220kV, distributing electricity through more than 800 secondary substations. Generating sources include. In the electricity domain, Estabanell combines the roles of Distribution Systems Operator (DSO), retailer and generation, including PV and micro-hydro. Further, as a telecom operator it provides optical fibre. The company is a founding member of the national association of small independent distributors ASEME and parts of GEODE, association of European local distributors. Finally, Aněll is also founder and holds the Chairmanship of ENTRA, Spanish Association for aggregation and flexibility.