Intellectual Asset Management

As part of the exploitation of key exploitable results work on intellectual property rights is central. BD4OPEM deploys a well-established research-based methodology “Intellectual Asset Management” (IAM) to best approach this work that initially focuses on Intellectual Asset Capture. All intellectual assets must be identified and documented to be able to manage intellectual property rights going forward.

The methodology enables organizations and individuals to document, communicate, collaborate on, manage, and exploit intellectual assets.  Providing both a high-level overview and detailed insight into existing valuable knowledge. Capturing intellectual assets includes identifying, defining, and tagging them with metadata that includes among other things, who created it, who carries it, what IPRs are connected to it in what project was it created and what agreements apply.

Intellectual Asset Management is either utilized continuously or at specific events throughout a research and innovation initiative. Once an inventory has been set up it is important to revisit it to keep it updated as the work develops. The initial Intellectual Asset Capture within BD4OPEM partners will add to it when new assets are created and made known.