Our mission is accumulation and dissemination of knowledge at frontiers of natural science and technology to the benefit of society at large through the pursuit of education, learning, research, development and innovation of technology at the highest international levels of scientific excellence.


Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) is the biggest research institute in Slovenia for pure and applied research in the natural sciences and technology. JSI is a kind of “hybrid” national institute, complementing the role of universities and bridging the gap between science and applications/industry. The Department of Communication Systems and Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks has 20 years of experience in research and development on wireless communications, embedded and sensor systems, information security, data protection and privacy.



JSI will lead the consortium in defining the open innovation concept design and use cases for big data utilization in energy sector, defining standards and protocols for Open Marketplace Innovation Architecture and development of services referring to EMS for smart houses, buildings and industries. 

JSI will contribute to flexibility prediction and management, detection of non-technical losses and security provisioning for IoT and cloud services. JSI will support Elektro Celje d.d. (ELCE) in implementation of Slovenian pilot where the services will be deployed and evaluated. JSI will contribute significantly in the reporting, dissemination and communication of the results.