Newsletter – Autumn 2021

See you next week in Milano! You will find us at Enlit 2021

We’re happy to announce that BD4OPEM will attend Enlit Europe 2021. Enlit, being one of the biggest energy events in Europe, is the ideal platform for us to understand how we can keep co-creating innovative and sustainable energy solutions together with you. Our aim for this event is to get input from you to create the best marketplace for the kind of energy services you and your company need based on Big Data. Let us know and stay tuned to one of the most innovative ways of creating energy services!

If you are or want to work with DSOs, Aggregators or Microgrids and you would like to know more about the marketplace, you can talk to us at our booth. If you want to know more about how we enable the creation of energy solutions through big data, you can listen to our project coordinator Mònica Aragüés Peñalba on 1st of December from 14.00 to 16.00. Follow us on social media for more information and updates during Enlit!

Why guess when we can make qualified decisions?
We’ve got a lot of new followers recently, we take the chance to tell a bit more about us and how BD4OPEM works. 

What does BD4OPEM do?
BD4OPEM creates an energy data marketplace, where a huge amount of data enable us to assemble and identify new energy services for energy distribution. In this process, different actors within the AI and energy sector are required to cooperate. We want you to be part of the path towards innovative and sustainable solutions.

Why Big Data?

Big Data is a huge amount of information that makes us aware of solutions we never thought were possible. Big data makes it possible to actually stop guessing and enable sound decision making. At this time, BD4OPEM is gathering big data from electric vehicles, hospitals , DSO’s and other energy sources to understand how this process could work in the near future. The tricky part of big data is that (as the name emphasises) we have to process extreme amounts of data, this means that the identifying part of the process is complex, that’s what takes us to the BD4OPEM Marketplace. 

What is the Marketplace?
The more data you can base your decision making on, the better! 
The Marketplace will offer data providers, such as DSOs, Aggregators and Microgrids, tailored energy solutions based on your needs and expectations. The marketplace is the place where Service users, Data providers and Service providers can sync with big data to get the most reliable solutions.

What kind of energy solutions?

Energy sector is as we all know characterized by uncertainty and volatility. High demand for energy combined with new technologies in energy distribution networks requires changes in monitoring, operation & maintenance and planning procedures. These kinds of energy solutions will be refined thanks to the BD4OPEM Marketplace. The project will also promote and support new forms of renewable power generation such as PV, wind power, and solar.

Contact us

Mònica Aragüés Peñalba
Project coordinator 

Ismael Bravo Jimenez
Project manager