BD4OPEM Newsletter

Project pilot sites are finally launched!

After a challenging and lengthy period of legal negotiations, the partners have now agreed and signed a multilateral agreement. With access to this big data, service providers will now be able to continue and finalize the development of the 18 services. This means the project can now launch the trial and validation process of the services in respective pilot sites.

Thanks for meeting us at Enlit Europe!

BD4OPEM participated in the Enlit Expo 2021 in Milan in November 2021. Several partners participated in the event and there were lots of discussions, dialogue and seminars. Our aim for the event was to get input from you to create the best marketplace for the kind of energy services you and your company need. Listen to the presentation by project coordinator Mònica Aragüés Peñalba from Enlit below.

Intellectual Asset Management

As part of the exploitation of key exploitable results work on intellectual property rights is central. BD4OPEM deploys a well-established research-based methodology “Intellectual Asset Management” to best approach this work. All intellectual assets must be identified and documented to be able to manage intellectual property rights going forward.

The BD4OPEM approach

Global demand for electricity is increasing and energy systems have moved from an analog to an interconnected real-time digital world. Huge amounts of data, mostly unused or underused, are available, offering great potential to develop exciting new services.

The scope of BD4OPEM is to develop 18 new innovative solutions to improve the planning, monitoring, operation, and maintenance of electrical distribution grids. Our approach is to make these services available from a cloud-based open innovation marketplace, which makes us unique among similar projects.