Founded in 2009 by the idea of two young entrepreneurs, today We Plus confirms its important role among the reference companies in the overall IT consulting scenario, dealing with IT consulting and System Integration.

Composed in big part by young and dynamic professionals, We Plus specializes in designing and deploying solutions and core services for B2C (CRM, eCommerce) and B2B (ETL-BI, BPM, CMS) businesses, and bases its activities on a continuous upgrading and training, with the constant search for new goals, improving company’s know-how.

Much effort and work have been spent on the automotive industry, where We Plus has devoted its own resources to servicing the Supply Chain Management of the FCA Group, by designing, deploying, and maintaining most of the core components and applications of the ICT department of the Supply Chain.


We Plus’s mission is focused on obtaining customers’ success, by introducing innovation across the entire value chain, thanks to the knowledge of specific solutions and consolidated experience about the core issues of the various industrial and tertiary sectors.

The essence of a good organization is to join forces to achieve a common purpose. Working in a group means following a shared path.

The potential of the team is not the sum of the characteristics of the individual components, but it is the combination itself, it is working for a common purpose by building and promoting a shared strategy.